Why Choose Lamorna - Why Organic, Why chemical free? 

The advantages of organic food are many. It tastes better. It is of better quality. More often than not our food is locally grown and our meats are produced in Bedfordshire, meaning you are supporting the local economy too. And since the food is grown without pesticides or fertilizers, reliance on petroleum products is reduced. 
The better taste of organic food comes from letting it mature "on the vine", rather than being forced to ripen with gases. Organic foods grow in soil that's nourished with compost, rich in nutrients and organic matter; that soil nourishment benefits the plants. 
Organic food quality comes from the product being healthy and thus not being attacked by bugs or diseases. If it's locally grown or raised, then the time from being harvested to served is shorter, increasing the quality. 
Just lately the media are realising that yes perhaps we should be washing ourselves and cleaning our hair in body wash, shampoos and conditioners that do not contain Sodium Laurel Sulphates and Parabens as these chemicals are all linked to cancer, so why use them? Here at Lamorna, we use a brand called Osme Organics which is manufactured in an environmental factory in Italy. It's just a shame that the UK is slow in producing such quality washing products. 
Lamorna, also washes their laundry in natural products and all the cleaning products are either Ecover or Method products. 
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